May 31, 2017


Time is a healer so people say
It is now six years since God took you away
You went into a sleep that was long and deep
The vacant place you left in our home, will never be filled
Our darling mother, wife, sister, grandmother, we will always remember you
Your special smile
Your caring heart
That warm embrace, you always gave us
And most importantly, the astounding legacy you left behind
In our heart you will forever remain, Dr Helen IgobekoLugina

Helen, the bole of our family tree you are dearly missed by:
Husband – MaxmillianLugina
Son – Dr. Emmanuel Lugina
Daughter – Mary LuginaZangira
Son in law – Richard Zangira
Daughter – RoselindaLugina Reuben
Son in law – Kelvin Reuben
Granddaughter – Gabriella Zangira
Grandson – Nathan Zangira
Granddaughter – Joanna Reuben
Granddaughter – Juliana Reuben

Family and friends

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