April 13, 2015


Aisha from Stadium Primary School in Lindi, Tanzania performing an act for Hatua Jithamini TV Show.
Aisha from Stadium Primary School in Lindi, Tanzania performing an act for Hatua Jithamini TV Show.

Promasidor Tanzania as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility initiative participated in a nationwide campaign called “HATUA – Jithamini”; a behavior change communication campaign that comprised of a TV show which is airing on Star TV every Saturday at 7pm and on TV1 Tanzania every Sunday at 5pm. The objective of the program is to highlight the challenges associated with nutrition and education for primary school pupils, and by doing so it will help educate pupils, parents, teachers and stakeholders about the importance of nutrition for primary school children.

Cowbell aims to promote nutrition education across the country. More than 12 schools across Dar es Salaam, Mwanza, Mtwara, Iringa, Songea, Kilimanjaro, Tanga, Arusha, Tabora, Lindi, Dodoma and Morogoro with primary-aged school children have signed up to participate in this campaign. Promasidor’s Marketing Manager, Mr. Bertin Mushi, said it was great to see so many local schools in Tanzania enthusiastic and ready to participate in the edutainment program.

“Milk is an important building block for good nutrition and we are very proud to be working with and have the support of schools in the country. Milk is one of the most nutritious foods there is and we want to do what we can to make sure Tanzanian kids grow up drinking it every day,” said Mr. Mushi.

According to the Head Teacher of Uzuri Primary School, one of the schools which participated in the campaign, Mr. Sifun Wilson he said, “Milk provides a unique combination of nutrients which are essential for a child's growth and development. The natural nutrition of milk gives children calcium for building bones and the nutrients they need for sustained energy, concentration and learning in the classroom and the children enjoyed to learn about the goodness of Cowbell milk. Each child was very excited to see the program roll in to the school.”

The program has touched the lives of more than 40,000 primary school children all over Tanzania. The campaign will reinforce messages on healthy eating and provide instruction for students and parents on nutrition education through developmentally appropriate, culturally relevant, fun, participatory activities that involve social learning strategies. This campaign will guide the pupils towards the good eating habits and will help them in improving dietary practices that affect children health, growth, and intellectual development.

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