February 22, 2016


Do you know a good bit of English but you can not FLOW smoothly every time you speak? Can you hear, write and read English but you are not FLUENT when you open your mouth to speak it?

This may have caused you to lack confidence, respect, promotion, bigger deals, international business, ministry abroad, sponsorship, global friendship etc. The ANSWER is now here from March 1, 2016!

Over the past 10 years I have helped countless individuals both publicly and privately to overcome their English struggles and speak confidently and fluently!

Join our very special Breakthrough Executive English Program for ONE MONTH from March 1, 2016 and learn directly from myself & my team on how to FLOW LIKE A PRO! You will attend our breakthrough classes twice a week for live training and practices to improve your flow and through out the week you will be supported on our WhatsApp group to help you increase your VOCABULARY and master PRONUNCIATION of words including difficult and the most confusing ones! Both the live training and the weekly support will take your speaking to a whole new level!

After 30 days of a lot of practices and training, you will be supported for the next 3 months to help you master SPOKEN ENGLISH forever! Deadline for registration is 28/02/2016.

The first 50 people to register and pay will enjoy an early bird discount of 20%. If after the 30 days of the program, you are not satisfied with our training and coaching, your fees will be returned to you immediately with no questions asked. Period! However after 10 years of helping people we have never had any one person claiming his/her fees back! So call the number on the flyer or email us at info@englishflows.com and be among the first 50 to join this once in a lifetime opportunity to free yourself from all shame, guilt and embarrassment that is usually comes along as the result of lacking enough PROFICIENCY in English. 

Coach James.

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